Because each operator or pilot is a member of our team, we want to offer them all the tools than will help them to focalise on there core business !

Monitoring equipment & maintenance logs

To enable accurate monitoring of your equipment, fixtures, maintenance, developments in order to ensure a whole-hearted service we propose a multiforme logging system, helping you to follow the general development and evolution of your equipment.

Activitys & flights logs

Beyond personal information, the flight log, with ability to integrate from events to incidents, is a legal necessity.
To simplify this task, we provide you a tool to plan and record your flights informations and event.
It also provides a statistical analysis of your data, and thus the performance of your various devices approach.

Flight Data

We study the possibility of developing flight recorder capable of recording flight data and backup them to the cloud, to offer you an analysis afterwards.

Navigation maps

To prepare your missions with civilian drones, analysis of aeronautical maps space is essential. That is why we study an easy integration of navigations maps in our flight plannification tools.

weather forecast

Once your scheduled flight, it remains for you to make sure the weather is favorable for this one !
That is why we will offer access to localized weather resources.

hardware sharing

Because some equipment can be very expensive for occasional use, we are currently negotiating with partners to deploy solutions for pooling or lease specific equipment.

Business development

One of the highlights of our solution: Providing business for which we will perform for you intermediation of calls for projects by the correlation and the matching of offer and demand. More inforation on our dedicated page

Image bank

Search or distribute your pictures using our image bank dedicated to aerial photography, aerial video, and illustration shot of UAV, UAS and multirotor

web Directory

To quickly discover new websites of drone, UAV, UAS. We offered a classified website directory.

Business development

Growing your business activity by performing intermediation calls for projects and working on matching demand and offer.