Dealing with the fragmentation of the internet drone solutions service offer, Imagidrone provide a comprehensive international solution by offering a set of services and benefits for operators, pilots, builders, dealers of multirotors, drones, UAV, UAS.

For operators and drivers

By using our services, each operator and Pilots become one of our partner.
And as we take care of our partners, we give them access to various tools dedicated to simplify daily activities and allow them to focus on there core business.

Here is a list of services you can find more information on our dedicated tools for pilots and operators of civil UAV page

  • Equipment monitoring & maintenance log
  • Activitys and flights log
  • Navigation Maps
  • weather forecast
  • hardware sharing
  • Business development

For manufacturers and dealers

We will give visibility fairly to both small and large projects, and we will help everyone of them to be known and to distribute their products through a dedicated market place.
Allowing a better analysis of the offers is also at the heart of our priorities. For more details on our market place page

Up-comming projects, research and development.

Technologies around the civil UAV is constantly changing, we want to offer a solution able to link inventors and creators with investor and help them to get fund.
This point, although still under consideration, will with no doubt, been an essential component of innovation in the sector.

And for all the fans of drone and multirotor.

A feed of information with many actuality post, technicals ressources and selection and analysis of content

Tools for operators

Because each operator is one of our collaborator, we offer them various tools to focus on his trade, not on the rest !

web Directory

To quickly discover new websites of drone, UAV, UAS. We offered a classified website directory.

Business development

Growing your business activity by performing intermediation calls for projects and working on matching demand and offer.

Market Place

Buy, sell, or resell equipment for aerial photography, professional or amateur drone and UAV. Do not wait to get more information about it !

Image bank

Search or distribute your pictures using our image bank dedicated to aerial photography, aerial video, and illustration shot of UAV, UAS and multirotor


Everything you ever wanted to know about the Civilian drone, and more, without daring to ask ! Stay tuned daily on this ongoing revolution.