One of the strengths of our project is the provision of a bidding platform for research benefits by drone.

More than just a networking solution, we will act as moderator on requests and offers to make us of the balance between offer and demand.

So we will exchange, when necessary, with the demand maker intended to clarify their demands.
We also will check the specifications submitted by operators to ensure it fully and consistently respond to the request.
We do not want this solution incentive to drive prices downwards (usually by the drop of security), but to bring a quality guarantee, as well as for demands than for offers.
This is why operators are entirely free of their pricing, and the cheapest offer should be systematically ousted of proposed results, when not comming from already qualified operator.

An evaluation system will also help to take consideration of the experience and quality of previous interventions provided by the civilian drone operator making offer.

This solution will allow:

  • Prime contractors to receive several proposals using a single form submission, guaranteed to get quotes covering her request.
  • Pilots and operators to increase their turnover and their statements, the Submitters quote for accurate and complete applications

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